Thursday, 22 February 2018

Code Club - 2018

Welcome back to Year Two of Code Club @stfrancischch. We are excited to get up and running again. This week we will cover creating accounts, sharing expectations and guidelines, and begin coding. 

We are registered as a Code Club with Code Club Aotearoa and will be coding our way through their amazing learning modules. The Module our Years 5-8 Students will be starting with is Scratch Module 1

If students have never used Scratch before they will start by creating their own Rockband. Our Years 1-2 students will also be using Scratch, but on the iPad App Scratch Jnr, and the first thing they will be creating is an animation of a car, driving across the city

We have several keen teachers who have volunteered their time to run these clubs, a big thank you to them, as we wouldn't be able to cater to such large groups if they weren't so keen. 

Our Code Clubs will run on Monday After School and Friday lunch times. If you are a parent of a child who would like to join one of our Code Clubs this year please complete the following Google Form. 

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